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Curriculum vitae

1939 Born in Bensberg/Cologne on October 15
1965 Final examination (qualification: very good)
at the Free University of Berlin
1966 Doctorate (M.D.) at the Institute of
Pharmacology at the FU Berlin
(qualification: magna cum laude)
1967 One year training in internal medicine
at the university hospital of the FU Berlin
1971-1972 Six months' training in clinical microbiology (Prof. Naumann, University of Düsseldorf)
1973 Qualification as a Specialist in Internal Medicine at the Medical Department of Klinikum Steglitz, FU Berlin
1976 Habiliation (private university lecturer)
1979 Professor of Internal Medicine (FU Berlin)
1973-1990 Annual participant and papers at the ICAAC
1976-1983 Several 1 to 4 months stays at North American hospitals with a Division of Infectious Diseases
1983 Head of Division of Chest Diseases and Chemotherapy at the Medical Department of Klinikum Steglitz, Berlin
1990-2006 Chief, Department of Chest and Infectious Diseases, City Hospital Berlin-Zehlendorf (affil. Teaching Hospital to the Freie Universität Berlin)
1992-1993 President of the Paul-Ehrlich-Society for Chemotherapy
1993-1999 Member of the Executive Committee of the European Society
for Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases
1999 President of 9th ECCMMID, Berlin Vice chairman of Approval Commission of the German Institute for Drugs (BFARM)
2002 President of 7. Congress for Infectious and Tropic Diseases (KIT), Berlin
2006 Head of the Research Center for Medical Studies (RCMS)
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